Motivations and Expectations in Online Dating

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  11. If people don’t have like similar interests, and desires then it will not work. Regardless of race.
  12. It all depends on each individuals mentality, upbringing, and desire.
  13. I had alot in common with the skinhead, we could talk for hours about anything. I’ve never experienced that with anyone black, brown, yellow, etc…
  14. Am I racist, no. Stupid? sometimes.
  15. It was mutual passionate physical attraction, my color didn’t matter. His mentality didn’t matter. We got into the moment.
  16. But it happened. And it was beautiful.
  17. This wasn’t okcupid, but aol. Same category of like Messages and race.
  18. Had to share.
  19. 1.     
  20. 2.      Its not racist to prefer dating someone of one race over another, however, it IS racist to turn someone down solely because of their race.
  21. Race is solely a phenotype in our genes. That means it really only alters appearances. And because of this, people of certain races can have features that you find unattractive (for example: for me, I really hate the color of White and Asian men’s penises, lol. I can overlook that and date a White or Asian man, but I’ll be grossed out by his penis). So in that respect, some people can be a little “biased” against certain races because of the physical features that may be inherent in a person of a certain race

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