Why Some Women Prefer Foreign Men Over American Me

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  13. So it may appear that she is rejecting him because of his race, in reality it is because he presented himself as boring or a man of lower status or intellect. Not sure how the statistics might be adjusted to account for this intangible, but it is a very real component to getting a response from a woman.
  15. However, I agree completely that the vast majority of single White males prefer to marry and have children with White females, just as Black women prefer to marry and have children with Black males. What I have seen though is by the time a White male is ready to marry the second time, he is more likely to pick the woman that meets HIS needs vs. the woman that meets the expectations of his family,f friends or society. And that my fellow Sistahs, is when you are likely to be approached by a successful, handsome, confident White male that tells you he has secretly admired the beauty of strength of Black women his entire life, but was too afraid to approach or be with one for fear of what his circle of influence would have to say about it.
  17. That is why you see so many White guys in their 40s with Black women. They have reached the age where they really could give less than a dayum about what people think while they are at home cuddling with their foxy brown sugar and creating caramel colored babies that they adore.
  19. February 16, 2010 at 10:22 pm
  20. LOL says:
  21. Deborah. I find nothing remotley flattering about obviously WEAK White males who were too afraid to marry and go after Black women when they were younger, suddenly hitting middle age and then wanting to “cross the color lines”. Frankly, those kinds of White men can keep it moving. No decent Black woman is going to be with a weak man who allows others to make life decisions for them. And then when he starts getting old decides he wants to live his life the way he wants to. Pssh! I have to laugh. Plus White people don’t age all that well to try and pull that.

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