long-term happiness

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  10. Part of the sexual liberation movement was supposed to free women to fuck as they liked it — but recent studies show that far too many women aren’t reaching orgasm while they do it. Women who do are still decried as sluts — something Jaclyn found out after she wrote about the role casual sex played in helping her heal after a relationship — and told they can never be happy.
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  13. Maybe far too many (American) women are partaking in sexual situations that makes no satisfaction sense – when will they learn? Maybe, just maybe, most men do not give a rats ass about your orgasm when throwing your (probably drunken) body at them. Who is decrying women as sluts and if that is true, why is does it matter what other people think? Unless of course those people are self-respecting men of high marriage value. And those women can be happy, if they can accept rejection from the aforementioned men.
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  16. don’t expect to be loved if you’ve been too slutty
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  19. Well, at least don’t go whining about it if men, yes the gender you have been hopping all over for years, denies you their love for doing exactly that.
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  22. And when we’re actually fucking, I respect their boundaries and demand mine be respected
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  25. Boundaries? what boundaries? You. Are. Fucking!
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  28. And women who explore exhibitionism, sex work, poly relationships or BDSM are told that they’re just fooling themselves and hurting other women by allowing themselves to be objectified — as though the male gaze still determines a woman’s sexual agency.
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  31. You can do whatever you want with your “sexual agency”
  32. But your long-term-relationship agency is absolutely determined by the male gaze. And it always will be.
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  34. http://jezebel.com/5665654/fcking-while-feminist-when-principles-meet-intimacy-what-then

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