real feelings about these guys

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  10. Of course, we’ve come to a point in our culture in which sex has become completely devalued to many women and to the few guys who get it easily. That’s been the ultimate message of the medium of hooking up. That’s why it’s possible for a girl to argue: “so what that I’ve fucked those guys, with you, I’ve shared my hopes and dreams and aspects of my personal life that I never would’ve with those guys.”
  12. And that’s why your typical beta guy, for whom the medium of hooking up is essentially a foreign language, can listen to a girl make that argument and think, “that’s the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever heard of.”
  14. 106Abbot September 21, 2011 at 12:49 pm
  15. individual choice has mattered, and Steph MADE the choice to step out of it long before many others have.
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  17. And without the aid of HUS. But other women here will now be preempted and CHOOSE to not seek mythical and false “sexual expression” through experimentation with random cock. Hopping around like a mindless cheap tool is clearly not the way to compensate for lack of good parenting and a nurturing father figure. The TRUTH is the biggest enemy of sex pozoid feminists. Lying. Traps. Shut.
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  22. Interesting points but largely irrelevent. We are talking about social mores, not technological advancements so kindly return those goalposts to their original position, please. :)
  24. Our society is responsible for virgin shaming and hyper-sexualisation of children via music and film. That much is obvious. When was the last time you hear a top 10 song that wasn’t about  hedonism?
  26. Huh. It was only a few weeks ago when a French company hit the headlines for selling see-through lace underwear and thongs to four year old girls. And just before that, Vogue — French edition, surprisingly — had two 9 year old girls in fur and lipstick on its front cover and main fashion spread. And just before THAT,  parenting groups in the UK and Mumsnet teamed up against big name companies like Tesco and Asda for selling padded swimwear and vests to six year olds. Ever watched the Herbal Essences shampoo with the woman on the brink of orgasm in the shower…at bloody ylang ylang and jasmine shampoo?
  30. Yeah, you’re right. The media doesn’t push a sexual agenda at all.

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