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  9.  “Wait, Ion, do you dislike the word “submissive” or do you dislike what “the media” have portrayed it as?”
  11. Sorry about that, I mean I dislike how the word’s being portrayed.
  13. For example traits like kindness, softness, affectionate, willingness to learn, adaptability, easy-goingness, selective, good parenting, playfulness, humility, ingenuity, etc., are positive traits, or at the very least, neutral traits, I think most women would agree? Yet, they are also traits associated with femininity and submissiveness, which have a negative connotation.
  15. So they end up seeing traits like “playfulness” as “childlike”, “humility” as “docile” ,”easy-going” as putting up with any behavior imaginable to make your man happy, because they’ve applied the caricature.
  17. Some feminists have also been conveniently labeling societies as matriarchy in the cases where women run the household, even if men are accountable for resources in these very same societies. I’m sure they envision men laying around in hammocks all day while women run the households and raise children, but it generally doesn’t work that way. It is definitely pretty similar to the breadwinner and housewife roles with a communal twist.
  19. 132Ramble November 9, 2012 at 11:13 am
  20. Susan…re the beach house conversation that your friends had, I suspect that this kind of dynamics had a LOT to do with the inflation of the housing bubble.
  22. The housing bubble was at it’s worst in the “sand states” with large levels of immigrants and anti-racist loans. There is a reason why the housing bubble just wasn’t that big of a deal in North Dakota, or Montana, or Idaho, or Vermont, or New Hampshire, or …
  24. 133Ramble November 9, 2012 at 11:21 am
  25. Sorry about that, I mean I dislike how the word’s being portrayed.
  27. No need to apologize, I was simply curious.
  29. So, if you met a guy (let’s say you were single, and this was at a friends house/dinner party…he is a friend of a friend) and you were confident that he was not some pop culture washed blank slate, and he said that he is most attracted to submissive girls (amongst other positive traits), how would you react?
  31. So they end up seeing traits like … “humility” as “docile”
  33. Actually, I believe that “docile” is commonly used to help define “Submissiveness” in many dictionaries.

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